[HFM(formerly HotForex): For beginners] Stock investment is recommended over slots and pachinko


Many gamblers are playing slots and pachinko. Many people have gambling addictions. It would be better for them to break away now and turn into a stock investment trader. There are clear reasons for this.

Slots and pachinko can’t win 100%

Slots and pachinko cannot win 100%. Slots and pachinko are operated by the store, so no matter how much experience you have, no matter how much you hone your skills, you can’t win. So no matter how hard you try, you will never make money. If that’s what you’re doing, you’d be better off investing in stocks. Investing in stocks is said to be gambling because the odds of winning can be manipulated by the trader.

Reasons why we recommend investing in stocks

Stock investment is an investment that has a greater potential than at least slots and pachinko. This is for the following reasons.

entry timing

It can be said that stock investment is at least more compatible than slots and pachinko. You can choose and control your entry timing for stock investments. As a result, the trader can choose the settlement timing and loss cut point. Slots and pachinko, on the other hand, are just luck. You can’t do anything with it, so it’s inflexible.

skills and experience

As stock traders gain skills and experience, their odds of winning increase. An increase in the winning rate means that you can win, and money will accumulate. This can enrich your life. In the case of slots and pachinko, even with skill and experience, you cannot win. Because it is operated by the shop. Investing in stocks will take years, but it will pay off.

political and economic situation

The stock market is heavily influenced by political and economic conditions. For that reason, becoming a stock trader will increase your interest in politics and economics, and you will be able to accumulate knowledge, so it will be a good learning experience. No matter how much you play slots, pachinko, etc., you will not be educated, so it will only harm you. If you’re going to do it anyway, it’s good to have an environment where you can grow.

Disadvantages of slots and pachinko

Slots and pachinko have a big disadvantage. First of all, you can’t win. Since it is operated by the store anyway, it will definitely lose overall. And there are also the following disadvantages by wasting time like that.

lose money

Stock traders lose money until they can win. But if you can win, you will save money. In the case of slots and pachinko, money just disappears because you can’t win no matter what you do. It just becomes nourishment. Don’t you just feel empty doing it? If you’re going to spend money anyway, you should spend your time on those who have the potential to earn money and fight.

lose time

In the case of slots and pachinko, you just lose time. Money doesn’t accumulate, so you’ll be doing it only for self-satisfaction. Losing time means wasting your life. From now on, human life will be over 100 years, and it is said that we will live up to about 120 years. Life is precious, so stop wasting your time on useless things.

can’t escape from the bottom

In the case of slots and pachinko, many people are in debt in the first place. You have to change your life to get out of a painful life. At least in the case of slots and pachinko, it is absolutely impossible to break away from the bottom.

HFM recommended

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